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Decent Tips About Playing Subway Surfers Game

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I think everyone of us at least once played Subway Surfers if you didn't yet, you can download it here. For those who have not tried it, and of course have the possibility, I suggest that immediately after the end of this article to download to your smartphone, because they will not regret it.

Subway Surfers is the app that supports Android and iOS. It's free and rude addictive game.
I'll try to make this article more interesting and is not strictly obey the rules of writing.
Let's start again. This game at first glance may not seem as much fun, but believe me, because I was initially quite skeptical. Although this game has existed for more than a year is still among the top 5 appove the The game is also quite similar to hugely popular Temple Run, but there are also many differences. In fact, in this game you can not turn left or right, but there are 3 lanes in which to move. Subway Surfs is enriched with colorful environment, there are more barriers, and more meaningful.


There are 2 types of obstacles. Trains and a kind of barrier, blockade. Bypassing them, and you are guaranteed success.


When "running", collect coins which you can buy different characters, skateboards ....But after all you also have an option to get unlimited coins from Subway Surfers Hack Tool which you can find here:



For me personally, there is a tactic, but I'll give you a hint of what I consider essential for achieving high results. When you get to some 500,000 meters of things get tricky. Everything becomes quick and hard to follow. So it can happen to you when you pick up the ramp and jump over the train because you were not able to escape because you were in the air. But there's a trick to it. After skip the ramp immediately pull down and it will prevent a collision with a train.


Subway Surfers is a great game, great to kill the boredom. It's free and extremely addictive game.

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